Four-Hour Tours for Cruise Guests


Many times Klein Bonaire offers the opportunity to snorkel with turtles.

$65.00 Per participant

All guests are asked to walk to the “meeting point” described on the confirmation e-mail. 3 minutes walk from the south cruise ship dock and 8 minutes from the north dock.



After a short walk to the Woodwind, you will then be fitted with proper snorkel equipment, if needed.

Sail away:

Once on-board, we set sail to two of Bonaire’s exotic reefs, with time to relax and enjoy your favorite drink while looking out at our island’s coastline.

Along the way, we will share our knowledge of the Marine Park, its rules and regulations. Snorkeling tips will also be given to ensure a safe and relaxing experience.


You can snorkel on your own (let us know, please, if this is your wish) or follow one of the guides who will answer questions and share their knowledge.

Sailing home:

Sit back, relax, try our tempting sailors’ snacks, enjoy a drink…the bar is open. Share your experiences, the guides are ready to answer questions you may have about the Marine Park and Bonaire.

How to find the Woodwind Meeting Point when departing your cruise ship.