Welcome Aboard!

Post-Covid, Woodwind is offering tours on demand, either 4 or 5 hours. The cost is $85.00 per person.

We have lowered our maximum number of guests on board to only 16 (from 25) to be able to give you the attention and service you deserve when you are on your vacation.

Since our advertising budget is zero-nill-nada, you are looking at this web page right now because someone told you to book a tour with us.

We are not going to spend time and “ink” telling you how good, wonderful and brilliant we are doing our snorkel tours. Your friend’s testimony should be enough. You can do a quick Google search “Woodwind, Bonaire” if you don’t trust your friends.

For more information, to check availability, or to make a reservation, please send us an email at info@woodwindbonaire.com or WhatsApp +599 786 7055.