Cruise Ship Guests


Large sea fans can be found at Klein Bonaire.

Cruise Ship visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the exotic reefs of the Bonaire Marine Park with a knowledgeable guide and a professional crew.

Make the most of your day in port in Bonaire by joining the experienced crew on the Woodwind. Our three-hour snorkel sail will show you the best of Bonaire’s reefs, led by a professional divemaster and nature guide.

Woodwind is the only excursion for snorkeling and sailing where you will have the opportunity to drift snorkel, which means there’s no swimming against the current. All you need do is just float along in the slight surface current, while the stable trimaran follows. There are 1-1/2 hours allowed for snorkeling, but participants can return to the boat at any time, or as often as they’d like, for either rest, some sun, or a refreshing drink.

During this time, you’ll see two of Bonaire’s best snorkeling reefs at Klein Bonaire (Little Bonaire), the small, uninhabited island about a one-half mile off the coast of Bonaire.

Make an online reservation, and we hope to be able to welcome you aboard the Woodwind soon!

How to find the Woodwind Meeting Point when departing your cruise ship.